Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hebrew Root Meanings

"Thus, for instance, the usual term for “
meek” is derived from a root which signifies affliction. The usual term for “wicked” comes from a root that expresses the notion of restlessness. [Donna:Think of Isaiah 57:20] A “sinner” is one who misses the mark. To “delight” in anything is literally to bend down towards it. [A dear image when we think about of little children.]

The “
law” is that which indicated the mind of God. “Righteousness” is that which is perfectly straight.Truth” is that which is firm. “Vanity” that which is empty. “Anger” is derived from a root meaning to breathe, quick breathing being a sign of irritated feeling. [See May 18 post] To “trust” is to take shelter under, or to lean upon, or to cast oneself on. To “judge” is radically [as to its root meaning] to smooth or make equal.”'

(Girdlestone, R.B., Girdlestone’s Synonyms of the Old Testament, Hendrickson Publishers, Inc., Peabody, Massachusetts, 1983, pg 19)


  1. Donna, this opens up so much more meaning in many, many scriptures. These are so important I wrote them in my scriptures! Thank you!!

  2. They sure were helpful to me. I'm so happy that you can use them also.

  3. These are wonderful. I love the one about delight. I've thought of it several times as I played with the boys. So sweet.

    It has made me ponder, too, about delighting vs. worshiping.