Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Shining Face pt. 3

To raise your face is to look up. God often says to us, "Look up. Don't look down. Look Me square in the face." He tells Job, "Get up off the ground and look at Me now. You've been railing against Me. You've been bellyaching about talking to Me. So, now talk to Me." God says to Job, "Look at Me." Well, what is it that God wants to look at? God wants to see Job's face, as He wants to see each of our faces to see what is going on inside of us.

You may have said the same thing to your kids or a friend. You say, "Look me right in the eye," and they get all nervous if they have done something wrong and say, "I don't want to look you in the eye." Why don't they want to look at us? Because, as you look in someone's face, you see in their eyes, you see in their heart, and you just know.

Often when talking to a close friend, without revealing their innermost thoughts, you can discern the problem. Then, they may say, "How did you know?" And you answer, "Well, I looked at your face." People can tell when we are worrying, thinking, or even lying by the look on our face. Once you learn someone's face, it is a dead giveaway of their emotions within. They can't hide it from you. You can tell when someone is happy, angry, guilty, or content just by looking at their facial expressions.

God did not want us to make any mistake about His intentions and wanted us to look right into His heart, so decided to show us "His face." He was not going to "hide" His face – His innermost being and thoughts – from us.

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