Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waist Girded with Truth

Stand therefore having girded your waist with truth

It is interesting that Paul begins his discussion, not with the armor or the helmet, but with the belt. As a part of the uniform, the belt was important as a means to carry smaller weapons, or to “gird up the loins,” creating a sort of pantaloon that gave the soldier more mobility.

It is significant ,however, that at this point in Roman history, an unbelted tunic was a symbol of shame, indicative even of weakness, effeminacy, or laziness. If a soldier needed to be disciplined by a superior officer, he would often be humiliated in front of his peers by being stripped of his belt.

To the Ephesians, Paul says the truth of God is a symbol, not of weakness or laziness, but of power and is the foundation that supports all other weaponry. The enemy is the father of lies, and integrity, practical truthfulness, and honesty is a necessity for victory.


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