Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sure Glad It's Different Now

"The original text of the Bible was written on scrolls, not in books, and the writing in the scrolls did not have chapter divisions, verses, punctuation, paragraph or section headings.

The early manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible were written in Hebrew, which is a language that has only capital letters, and there were not even spaces dividing the words. All the letters were one long line that broke at the edge of the scroll and started again on the next line down. Early Greek texts were written in uncial script, which, like Hebrew, has all capital letters and no breaks between the words.

Until around the 700’s A.D., with the exception of some chapter breaks, texts of the Bible had all the words running together, letter after letter. There were no spaces between the words and no punctuation. Spaces between words, and punctuation in the text, did not begin to appear until around the 700s A.D. Thus, the early texts of Romans 10:9 and 10 would read:


The oldest chapter divisions date from about 350 A.D., but they were not standardized. Today’s standardized chapter divisions date from around 1227 A.D. The first standardized verse divisions came into use in the 10th century."


  1. The scripture in caps is supposed to be all in one big block, but anyway, you get the idea--even if the program won't let me show it that way.