Friday, May 22, 2009

Eat Flesh, Drink Blood

When we partake of the sacrament each Sunday-symbolically eating and drinking the flesh and blood of Christ, we covenant to take upon us His name. Hebraically speaking, this has a meaning related to taking upon ourselves the qualities represented by His name. Along with many other titles, he is “truth”, “light”, and “love”--and we should strive to make those qualities a part of our nature as well.

His flesh-that is, his human nature was submissive to Heavenly Father’s will.

His blood- that is, the activating life force of his mortal body, was shed in a sacrificial way to bless us.

Typologically, our personal “flesh and blood” can also be dedicated to a submission of our agency to our Father’s will along with a life of consecration. As we partake of Christ's flesh and blood with this intent, it will literally cause us to be filled with His light and spirit.

Richard Wurmbrand saw a type of this in a scientific experiment that he wrote about.

“We become holy by feeding upon the right spiritual food.”

In an experiment it was found that worms that usually live in the darkness can be conditioned to leave this habitat and to prefer the light. As often as they would withdraw into darkness, they would get electric shocks, whereas if they came out in the light, they found abundant food. With time, these beings “put on a new worm,” to use the biblical expression.

Contrary to the habits of their species, from that time on they preferred the light to darkness. Then these worms were cut into small pieces and added in the food given to other worms: and, lo, these worms also changed their habits. They had increased, with the addition of the flesh of the new breed of worms, their Ribonucleic acid (RNA), the depository of memory. They would shun darkness and prefer light just as the beings upon which they had fed. Similar experiments have also been made with other animals.

If you wish to put on the new man, a man of righteousness and holiness, feed upon Christ. He has become flesh in order that He might become your daily food.

Quote From Richard Wurmbrand's devotional, Reaching Towards the Heights - May 15th. (


  1. I really liked Pastor Richard Wurmbrand's books, "Marx and Satan" and "Tortured for Christ." He is a true hero for helping to expose the enemies of Christ and enduring torture for his Christian Faith. He would have made a good Mormon.

    Steven Montgomery