Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome Back, Elder Mike

Our missionary comes home today. In less than 3 hours. YIPPEE!!!!

A quote from a prayer given by Dag Hammerskjold seems appropriate here:

For all that has been: Thanks!

For all that will be: Yes!


  1. Happy homecoming to the little boy that I knew in PRIMARY!!! Goodness.

    And I love that prayer. I need to use/post it somewhere.

  2. Yeah Mike! I am excited for you all! Hope Rob gave you those papers my dad send your way through me.

  3. Hey Elder: Forever we will be grateful for all you have done for us! Thanks for your kindness, your smiles, and your handshakes every Sunday. You were an awesome missionary and I know you will continue to be a good missionary for the rest of your life. I've been a member now for one month and they are already having me teach Relief Society next week! Wow, that was fast :) We will always love you! Tim and Konni