Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hidden Witnesses

Amos was a reluctant prophet who was called to warn the surrounding nations that their unrepented sins were the cause of the destruction soon to fall upon them.

Jennifer Orten made a list of the nations that were warned and found a profound message encoded. Here is what she discovered. It reminds me of the message hidden in Genesis about Noah's genealogy.

Amos = burden bearer, to lift up
Damascus = Moist with blood
Gaza = fortified, strong
Tyre = the rock
Edom = red, of blood, an idiom for the Gentile nations
Ammon = son of my people, a great people; pertaining to a nation
Moab = fruitful, seed of the father
Judah = praise the Lord
Israel = prince with God

"The burden bearer, lifted up, is moist with blood. [He] fortifies and strengthens as the Rock. [Through his] red blood the Gentiles, a great people and nation, the seed of the Father, are fruitful and shall praise the God of Israel, [becoming] princes with God."

This is wonderful! Thanks, Jennifer!


  1. Wow, I never cease to be amazed at some of the hidden messages in scripture such as this!

  2. Nice! I love when that happens!

  3. Donna, this is great. I wonderful how many more of these are in the scriptures???

  4. There are a LOT of them. I have a small collection and Jennifer is a genius in finding them. She has given me permission to share what she has discovered-so keep watching for more to come.

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  6. Thanks, Warden and Donna, for the compliments. I tell my husband that "when I grow up, I want to be Donna Nielsen" and he's fine with that! We love you, Donna!

    In an earlier post of Donna's called "Flakes of Fire" (one my favorites), she quoted Elder Maxwell who explained there were hidden gems in the scriptures, with genealogies, chronologies, economic data, duties, etc. I'd love to find significance in the economic data especially...anyone up for the challenge???

  7. Yes, that was indeed great! Thanks Donna. And not to forget, Jennifer.

  8. You want one with economic data? Here you go . . .

    In Alma 11, where the coins are laid out, they are basically multiples of two. That is binary, just like computers use. With small and simple things (0's and 1's), great things come to pass.

    With the worth going up by twofold, it is also how Job was blessed by having twice as much at the end as he did at the beginning.

    Also, two is significant because of the "Two Ways", Father and the Son, husband and wife, left and right, good and evil, life and death, and so on.

    A greater coin is worth two of the lesser. It could be seen as a generation progression, from father and mother (2) into one child. (this ties to computers from the beginning and family history together). And it could be seen as the Lord, because He is that who was slain and that who was living brought into one.

    But not all the coins are multiples of two. The highest ones, the shum of gold and the onti of silver, had the value of 7, for they were "as great as them all" (v 10 & 13). And 7 means wholeness. A nice word play.

    Now if numbers were not enough, notice that base coin is said to be worth a measure of barley. Barley is Abib in Hebrew. Israel left Egypt in the month of Abib. So this is a reminder of the passover and the leaving of Egypt, bondage, and Babylon. Barely (Abib) ripeness was also used to determine the Biblical New Year, which is symbolic of a new life (away from bondage).

    Does anyone care to take a shot at the case of the antion, which is worth 1.5, or 3 shiblons?

  9. Warden, that was awesome. I've stared at Alma 11 several times and have never seen the light. THANK YOU!!! I'm going to have to pass on the antion and shiblons, as apparently this isn't my area of expertise. Hopefully someone else can make sense (cents) of those - pun intended :)

    I really enjoy all of your insights...keep them coming!

  10. Oh, I thought of another one. If you go in binary, the whole number coins worth could be represented by a 3 bit value %XXX. So . . .

    1 = 1, senine/senum, The Holy Ghost, a child
    %010 = 2, seon/amnor, The Son, a wife
    %100 = 4, shum/ezrom, The Father, a father
    %111 = 7, limnah/onti, The Godhead, a family, Wholeness

  11. Oops, it messed my formatting. The first one was supposed to be 001 = 1

  12. Sorry, one more. Here is one for the antion. With the radix point, it would look like this in binary using both the whole number and partial number coins.

    001.100 = 1.5

    It is the value of the smallest of the greater coins and the greatest of the lesser coins together. So the first shall be last and the last shall be first pattern is here. It could also represent the meridian of time and the atonement.

  13. Absolutely fascinating, Warden - thank you, thank you, thank you! I can scratch this off my "I don't understand" scripture list now.

  14. Do you mind explaining the 3 bit value? I'm a little lost, but very interested. Thank you!

  15. What part about the 3 bit value would you like explained?