Monday, February 27, 2012

Children and War Customs

The young men have borne the mill, and the children have stumbled under the wood.
Lamentations 5:12

Generally, under Babylonian and Assyrian wartime leadership, children of their opponents were killed in very distressing ways. But sometimes they were spared for slavery.

Tuthmosis III (1504-1450 BC) recorded 84 children among the 2503 captives he obtained in Palestine. A thousand years later, when Jerusalem fell, children were still a good catch for conquering armies. The young men of Jerusalem deported to Babylon had to carry millstones, while the small boys were made to transport timber. That is the context for the the scripture listed above.


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  3. Was this why Daniel and his friends were captured, but then the king saw how wise they were and changed his mind?

  4. Mike,

    Daniel and his friends were taken into the palace of their enemy because the King was open minded enough to realize that Daniel and the others had been educated well because they were royalty also. He anticipated that they might be of use to him because of their training.

    Enter 'Daniel' into the search bar on the upper left of this page to see what they were subjected to in order to live at the palace.

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