Monday, March 26, 2012

The Word of the Lord Pt.1

Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,...
Jeremiah 1:4

Amy Carmichael always expected that the Lord would answer prayers very specifically and taught her workers to expect the same kind of guidance. And yet, there were times when the tasks that were before them were nearly crushing and they were continually battling discouragement.

During a particularly difficult period, one of the workers had an experience where he was able to immediately discern answering words to his prayers. He recorded the communication and shared it with Amy.

She wrote the helper's words in her book Kohila.

His thoughts said, When I would seek Him whom my soul loveth, confusions like flies buzz around me.

His Father said, Press through these confusions as thou wouldst press through a swarm of gnats. Take no notice of them. Be not stayed by them. Be not occupied by them.

His thoughts said, It is too much to hope that such a one as I am should truly please my Lord.

His Father said, But it is written, It is God which worketh in you to will and to do of His good pleasure. In my servant Paul I wrought an earnest expectation and a hope that in nothing he should be ashamed, but that always Christ should be magnified in his body. I am the God of thy expectation and thy hope.

His thoughts said, But I am not St. Paul.

His Father said, Hast thou watched a wave fill a shell on a shore? Thou art my shell. I am the God of thy hope. Wave upon wave I will flow over thee, poor empty shell that thou art. With all joy and peace I will fill thee, and thou shalt abound in hope.

His thoughts said, What of those whom I love and long to help, but cannot?

His Father said, Am I a God at hand and not a God afar off? Am I not with them, My child? Thou knowest that I am.


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