Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Word of the Lord Pt.2

Amy wrote:

How often we have been tempted to wish that we could shelter one and another, Indian and foreign too, from hurtful things, especially from the long ache of [spiritual] battle wounds. Vain wish and foolish. We never can. We can only watch, as perhaps their [guardian]angels watch while they go through everything, more than conquerors by the grace of the Conqueror.

His thoughts said, I cannot go on any longer.

His Father said, Thou canst. Thou canst do all things I appoint,through Christ which strengtheneth thee. Doth the burning sun distress thee? There shall be a shadow from the heat. Art thou beaten by the storm? There shall be a covert for thee from the storm and from the rain. Dost thou say with another servant of mine, 'My daily furnace is the tongue of men?' Thou knowest how to find thy way to the pavilion where thou shalt be kept from the strife of tongues. Or is it that thou art too weary to know why thou art so weary? Then come unto me and I will refresh thee.

This exchange shared with Amy Carmichael inspired her to write the words of the following hymn:

Heart that is weary because of the way,
Facing the wind and the sting of the spray,
Come unto Me and I will refresh you.

Heart that has tasted of travail and toil,
Burdened for souls whom the foe would despoil,
Come unto Me and I will refresh you.

Heart that is frozen--a handful of snow,
Heart that is faded--a sky without glow,
Come unto Me and I will refresh you.

Heart that is weary, O come unto Me,
Fear not whatever the trouble may be.
Come unto Me and I will refresh you.


  1. You convinced me to order a biography on this amazing woman.
    Amazon can't work fast enough. :)