Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Biggest Quail Hunt in History

And the people stood up all that day, and all that night, and all the next day, and they gathered the quails: he that gathered least gathered ten homers: and they spread them all abroad for themselves round about the camp. Numbers 11:32

The people killed quails for 2 full days and 1 night—until the least that gathered had 10 homers (v. 32). Each homer contained 10 baths or 10 ephahs (Ex. 45:11) which would be 10 times 1 bushel and 3 pints (the measure of 1 ephah) or nearly 10 1/2 bushels. One person killing 10 such homers then, would heap himself about 105 bushels of the birds.

(Dake, Finis Jennings., Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, Dake Publishing, Inc. Lawrenceville, Georgia, 1999, pg 327)

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