Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Is This Man?

"King of the Jews" (wise men from the east. Matt. 2:2).

"Mightier than I" (John Baptist. Matt. 3:11).

"Son of God" (demons. Matt. 8:29).

"A blasphemer" (certain Scribes. Matt. 9:3).

"Son of David" (two blind men. Matt. 9:27) (a woman of Canaan. Matt. 15:22).

"The carpenter's son" (His fellow countrymen. Matt. 13:55).

"John the Baptist" (Herod and others. Matt. 14:2; 16:14).

"The Son of God" (they that were in the ship. Matt. 14:33).

"Elijah" (some. Matt. 16:14).

"Jeremiah" (others. Matt. 16:14).

"One of the prophets" (some men. Matt. 16:14).

"The Christ, the Son of the living God" (Peter. Matt. 16:16).

"The Christ, the Son of God" (Martha. John 11:27).

"My beloved Son" (God the Father. Matt. 17:5).

"Good Master" (a certain ruler. Matt. 19:16).

"The prophet of Nazareth" (the multitude. Matt. 21:11).

"The carpenter, son of Mary" (many hearing Him. Mark 6:3).

"Thy salvation ... a light ... the glory" (Simeon. Luke 2:30, 32).

"Joseph's son" (all in the synagogue. Luke 4:22).

"A great prophet" (all witnessing the raising of the widow's son. Luke 7:16).

"A righteous man" (the Roman centurion. Luke 23:47).

"A prophet mighty in deed and word" (the two going to Emmaus. Luke 24:19).

"The Lamb of God" (John the Baptist. John 1:29).

"The Messias" (Andrew. John 1:41).

"The Son of God ... the King of Israel" (Nathanael. John 1:49).

"A teacher come from God" (Nicodemus. John 3:2).

"A prophet" (a woman of Samaria. John 4:19).

"Jesus the son of Joseph" (the Jews. John 6:42).

"A Samaritan" and having a demon (the Jews. John 8:48).

"A prophet" (the blind man. John 9:17).

"The King of Israel" (much people. John 12:13).


  1. It's so amazing how differently people can perceive the same person, and how important it is to have eyes to see and hearts soft enough to know! Thanks, Donna, for this list!

  2. Indeed. And thanks to Jennifer for that insight.