Friday, March 20, 2009

Messianic Miracles-- Leprosy Part 4

Eventually, in spite of the evidence and proof of his claims, Jesus was sentenced to death by Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin. What happened next is recorded in Luke 17:11-19. This time, not one but ten lepers came to Jesus asking Him to heal them. "The way He responded is recorded in verse 14:

And when he saw them he said unto them, Go and show yourselves unto the priests. And it came to pass, as they went, they were cleansed.

Jesus sent these ten lepers directly to the very priesthood that, under the leadership of Caiaphas, had just decreed a sentence of death against Him. This meant that instead of one messianic miracle, there were now ten messianic miracles performed-- the first messianic miracle was performed ten times over.

Ten times over Caiaphas and the priesthood had to spend seven days investigating the whole situation.

Ten times over they had to decree that all ten of these lepers had been cleansed and healed of their leprosy.

Ten times over they had to decree that Jesus performed the miracle and record it in the archives of the Temple.

It is really showing some Jewish humor, if you will, on the part of Jesus that He chose to send to the leadership of Israel ten healed lepers right after they decreed His rejection by sentencing Him to death.

His Messiahship was proclaimed, not merely by the mouth of two or three witnesses, but by the mouth of ten witnesses (Fruchtenbaum)." And since the number 10 symbolically represented Israel, Jesus made a clear statement that he had the power to cleanse and heal all of Israel.


  1. Such awesome insights. I love it! Again, thank you!

  2. Terrific! Thanks for that.

    Steven Montgomery

  3. I am so excited that Mom shared your blog with me. I will be reading!
    Please tell April hi for me.

  4. Wow. These posts are incredible Donna. I read them outloud to my family. Thanks. Yes the humor is there. I think it is humorous when the Lord lets us know in advance about blessings that are coming. It reminds me of Babe Ruth pointing to left field, telling everyone that that is where his next home run will be. Gratitude and awe is the only appropriate response.