Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spiritual Dynamite

The comfort we receive from the Savior generally comes through the Spirit. This comfort is often compared to that of a downy quilt. In one sense this is true, but it is a rather limited and sentimental definition.

"Barclay shares a helpful insight which enriches our understanding about the role of the Comforter:

...In Greek the word is full of power and of the promise of the God-given ability to face and to master any situation in life....The word comfort is derived from the Latin word fortis, which means brave, and originally the word meant someone who puts courage into you...The word in the Greek is endunamoun, whose root word is dunamis, power, from which the word dynamite comes. In the days when the King James Version was translated, to comfort a person meant to fill that person with a power like spiritual dynamite. The Holy Spirit does not simply come and wipe our tears away; he gives us a dynamic power to cope with life."
( cited in Beloved Bridegroom 123-124)


  1. Thank you Donna. For everything. That Spirit, the Comforter, is able to strengthen us in ways that are unknown to our understanding. I just wish to live in daily remembrance of that power that is SO available to us, so when adversity comes I will be wise and humble enough to ask for that dynamite and to fully take advantage of it.
    Beautiful thought for the day.