Monday, June 22, 2009

The Fate of Moroni

The original source for this story is Charles David Evans in
"The Fate of Moroni, 1897." Archives Division, Church
Historical Dept.

I found it the book Fourth Nephi thru Moroni, From
Zion to Destruction from BYU Religious Studies
Center. Here is the quote:

At a meeting at Spanish fork in the winter of 1896,
Bro. Higginson stated that Thomas Marsh told him
that Joseph Smith told him that in answer to prayer
the Lord gave Joseph a vision, in which appeared a
wild country and on the scene was
Moroni after whom were 6 Indians in pursuit. He
stopped and one of the Indians stepped forward and
measured swords with him. Moroni smote him and he
fell dead; another Indian advanced and contended
with him; this Indian also fell by the sword; a
third Indian then stepped and met the same fate; a
4th afterwards contended with him, but in the
struggle with the 4th, Moroni, being exhausted, was

In another place I can't pinpoint at the moment, Joseph
said that these Lamanites had been tracking him for many
years. What a high price was paid by the Prophet
Moroni for his faithfulness. I am so grateful for his example.


  1. I still have this in my "Donna" file from years ago. :)

  2. Thanks for posting this one. This excerpt was on my mind this last week for some reason. Instead, I posted Moroni and the Destiny of America.