Monday, June 8, 2009

Feed My Sheep part 1

All right, two more posts about sheep and then I'll move on to other topics. I promise.

"It is interesting to note that in a flock each sheep has a time of quietness and aloneness with his shepherd every day. Early in the morning the sheep would form a grazing line and keep the same position throughout the day. At some time along the way each sheep left the grazing line and went to the shepherd. The shepherd received the sheep with outstretched arms speaking kindly to it. The sheep would rub against the shepherd's leg, or if the shepherd were seated, rub its cheek against his face. Meanwhile the shepherd would gently pat the sheep, rubbing its nose and ears and scratching its chin. After a brief period of this intimate fellowship together, the sheep returned to its place in the grazing line.

What a blessing to be able to leave the cares of life for a brief period and spend time in the outstretched arms of the Shepherd, rubbing, as it were, our cheek against His face in intimate fellowship through prayer!...

"Jesus said to Peter, 'Feed My sheep.' ...He didn't say, 'Pasture My sheep,' but 'Feed My sheep.' You can be a splendid pastor, but a mighty poor feeder.

The sheep need to be fed when the pasture is limited, and we feed them with what is called koosbie, a pulpy substance, which...looks something like putty, and is very nutritious. We mix it with a little green grass, and we feed the sheep, and they do not like it, and we have to teach them to eat it. You have to be very careful in feeding it, not to give them too much, because they are likely to get sick and die, and you must be careful not to give them too little, or they will starve.

The shepherds always begins with the lambs, and that is why our Lord Christ said, 'Feed My lambs.' So here the shepherd gathers all the lambs about him, and he has a whole dozen or two lambs...He has them in his bosom and under his cloak, and the sick lambs come around him. His whole heart is with those poor lambs and kids and sheep. And O, how he kisses them and loves them! ...He would put any mother to shame by the way he loves them and takes care of them.

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