Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Judas Sheep

There will be many seeking to lead us on dangerous paths.

"Frequently, human beings are in a condition of spiritual lostness. It is so very easy for sheep to be led astray. It is a principle which has been taken advantage of by those who would lead sheep to the slaughter.

In New Zealand, where 40 million sheep are sent to market, the sheep are led to the slaughter in the many freezing works by the 'Judas Sheep.' The 'Judas Sheep' is a big pet 'wether' (a castrated male) who leads the sheep from the bottom pen area, up the ramp to the top 'killing floor.' The poor sheep are totally unaware of what awaits them as they blindly follow on. Once up the top, the trap door is opened for the 'Judas Sheep,' and he trots away, and back down to the bottom pen area to lead another group of sheep to their destiny.

Let us learn this spiritual lesson: be careful who you follow. Follow the right lead, and be 'led by the Spirit,' in the right path, in the way that the Shepherd directs. The Good Shepherd will never lead us astray. He will never lead us into harm or hurt. Rather, through His Holy Spirit, He leads us in the paths of righteousness, into 'green pastures and beside still water' where He restores our soul (Bowen 19)."


  1. Those philosophies of men all mixed in with scripture get us every time.

  2. This example of the Judas Sheep pertains to me at this moment. I appreciate this blog, which has made me aware of who the Judas Sheep are in my life right now. I most definitely will be careful and Follow the Good Shepard. Thanks for the lesson.